Jewish cemeteries in Ukraine


We are proudly presenting most  complete map ofJewish cemeteries in Ukraine available on the internet. You can use this map to check if the place where your ancestor lived had a Jewish cemetery. If there was no Jewish cemetery in your ancestors’ place, with this map you can easily identify the closest place with Jewish cemetery. Basic information on the cemeteries is available after clicking a pin.  The pin-points does not indicate exact location of the cemetery, but the place in which the cemetery is located.

Some cemeteries may be missing. If you found such, please, let us know.

The map is based on surveys performed by: IAJGS International Jewish Cemetery Project, Lo Tishkah, and our own field research.

Sources for Jewish Genealogy in Ukraine

Israel Genealogy Research Association has just announced my 2nd webinar on Jewish genealogy in Ukraine.

March 13, 2016 – 19:00 IST (Israel): Sources for Jewish Genealogy in Ukraine – Part II, Tomasz Jankowski. Following the webinar Tomasz did for IGRA a couple of years ago we received many requests for an additional opportunity to hear from Tomasz. Prepare your questions! A portion of this webinar will be dedicated to answering questions you pose to Tomasz in advance. Registration is a must and send us your questions by March 6.

Love and Money: the social function of marriage in historical perspective

Tomasz Jankowski’s lecture at National Gallery in Lviv

Vassal Stefanyka str. 3, Lviv

Nov 15, 4.00 PM, EET.


Is marriage really a union between only two people? In the past the choice of a marriage partner was influenced firstly by matchmakers, parents, the financial situation of the family, and only lastly by the feelings the young people had for one another. Marriage, whether Jewish or Christian, was not only the beginning of a new family. During the lecture, the social role of the family in the past will be explored along with its transformation during the last two hundred years, when romantic feelings began to play a dominant role.

Admission free.

The lecture will be held in Ukrainain.

Tour to Bolekhiv & Drohobych

Tomasz paved the way for my trip to eastern Ukraine beginning 6 months ahead. He found family records going back to the mid 19th century and helped decipher the information. His creation of a family tree on MyHeritage.com proved most helpful in understanding the family relationships. He even informed us of relatives in the US that we did not know about! Guiding and interpreting on our van journey to two towns in Galicia will be memorable for the rest of my life. His knowledge of Hebrew and of my family tree resulted in the fortunate serendipity in the Jewish cemetery to know I was standing next to the grave of my great-great grandfather! Lada, his partner, who is a Yiddish expert, assisted in tombstone interpretation.

I heartily recommend this team if you seek your Jewish heritage in this area.

Nina Edelman

Milwaukee, USA

Photos no. 2, 3 & 4 by Bruce Gendelman. Photo no. 1 by Jewish Family Search.

Reading Tony Judt

Vladyslava in Marci Shore's article in New Yorker on Ukrainian perspectives. Brings hope.

Posted by Jewish Family Search on Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Lectures On-Demand! IAJGS 2015

On-Demand 2015A few days ago I’ve received a promotional e-mail from IAJGS 2015 saying that my lectures are featured on the On-demand! program IAJGS 2015. So those who are interested in:
1) Hypotheses on the growth of the Jewish population, and
2) Censuses in 19th-Century central Ukraine as a genealogical source
may still watch them for the next 3 months, unfortunately for a modest fee (I’m not paid!).
“19th Century Censuses in Central Ukraine” was listed as one of 13 most interesting lectures of the IAJGS 2015 along with rabbi Israel Meir Lau’s and Alexander Beider’s lectures among others.

IAJGS 2015 is over

IAJGS 2015 Ramada

Chill out space of the conference…

I thought I’d write something about the IAJGS 2015 conference in Jersulaem, but I think too much time has passed already since the beginning of July. Having a table on the exhibition hall was an excellent idea and great experience. Exhausting as well, after three days of consultation we’ve run out of voice 🙂

Wladyslaw Szlengel’s pre-war records on CD

Activity of Jewish Family Search members is not focused only on genealogy. In our free time we explore and protect other aspects of the Jewish history, e.g. collecting and transferring pre-war shellack records…

On 19th and on 20th of May , the main polish newspaper , Gazeta Wyborcza, will be sold with additional CDs including re-issues of pre-war tangos with lyrics written by a Jewish-Polish poet from Warsaw, Władysław Szlengel. Tomasz from Jewish Family Search worked as sound engineer for the project, transferring and remastering the original shellack records, removing all the unnecessary clicks and noises but at the same time trying to preserve the original vibe of the 1930’s shellack records.

Wladyslaw_Szlengel_CDWładysław Szlengel, born in 1914, was the most recognizable lyricist in Poland in late 1930’s. During the War he stayed in the Warsaw Ghetto, where he wrote several poems describing everyday life during the Holocaust. He and his wife were killed during the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising in 1943.

More about Władysław Szlengel on Gazeta Wyborcza (in Polish). The records for the CDs were selected by dr Katarzyna Zimek.

After 20th of May the CDs will be available on Kulturalny Sklep.

The Barn testimony

If it weren’t for Tomasz’s expertise our recent trip to Ukraine would not have been possible. Through incredible hard work, unparalleled knowledge and only a small amount of information with which to begin, Tomasz was able to find what we were certain no longer existed; A barn that had been a hiding spot for 18 Jews during the Holocaust. He was wonderfully helpful during pre-production and once we arrived in Ukraine helped organize scheduling, transport, security and interviews. He is an exceptional guide and a wonderful person to be around. We can’t recommend him highly enough. Thank you Tomasz!

Phil Berger                  Alexis Fishman

Director                         Crew member

The Barn (Trailer)

Watch a trailer to The Barn, a documentary movie which we have consulted and which features Tomasz as a guide for Karl Schapiro and his granddaughter to the forgotten barn in Eastern Galicia where Karl’s life was saved during the Holocaust.

The Barn is currently in production phase. It’s directed by Phil Berger, produced by Rachel Kastner, and co-produced by Matthew Hiltzik and Nancy Spielberg.

Recently Jewish Family Search received very positive testimony from Rachel Kastner, Karl’s grand daughter.

From the press release:
“Eighteen year old Rachel Kastner recently traveled to Germany, Poland and Israel on the Heritage Tour, where she walked the same paths at Treblinka, Majdanek and Auschwitz that led millions of Jews to their deaths. She stood stunned at the mass graves where 2,400 Jews were murdered in the forest just outside the shtetl of Tykochin.

But it was one afternoon in Krakow that changed her life forever.

It was there that she met Paulina Plostkaj, a 90-year old Christian Polish woman who is also one of Yad Vashem’s Righteous Gentiles. During the war, Paulina miraculously hid and saved EIGHTEEN Jews. But what she did not know prior to this trip was that one of these Jews who Paulina saved, was… her grandfather, Karl Schapiro”.