Tour to Brody and Belz

Lada guided us in Brody and Belz with determination to achieve all the goals we set for ourselves, while complying with a very tight schedule, and this was done to our satisfaction.

During the tour we asked to visit inside Brody’s ruined synagogue, but it was closed. Lada faced the challenge, located the man with the key who opened the synagogue for us and we entered it.

Throughout the tour, she demonstrated in-depth knowledge of Jewish heritage in Ukraine and neighboring countries, as well as comprehensive knowledge of general history and culture.

The plan we set out for ourselves included long car journeys, but throughout the journeys we heard from her lectures on topics of our interest, addressing a multitude of questions we asked.

One of the special things for us – the whole tour was in Hebrew.

Many thanks, Lada, for the fascinating tour.

Haim Wainrach

Genealogical research in the Zhytomyr Archives

We’ve just got thank you letter from Sylvia after our research in the Zhytomyr (Zhtiomir) archives.

Thank you so much for the family tree you’ve created plus data spreadsheet produced for our family. 

We’re absolutely amazed and delighted that you’ve managed to find so much information. We had no idea the research was going to be so successful.

It’s truly fantastic and so much more than we could have hoped for.


Sylvia Sheridan

Hertfordshire, UK

It’s we who should thank you! / Tomasz

“The Barn”: production of a documentary movie


If it weren’t for Tomasz’s expertise our recent trip to Ukraine would not have been possible. Through incredible hard work, unparalleled knowledge and only a small amount of information with which to begin, Tomasz was able to find what we were certain no longer existed; A barn that had been a hiding spot for 18 Jews during the Holocaust. He was wonderfully helpful during pre-production and once we arrived in Ukraine helped organize scheduling, transport, security and interviews. He is an exceptional guide and a wonderful person to be around. We can’t recommend him highly enough.

Thank you Tomasz!

Alexis Fishman & Phil Berger

New York

Guiding in Radkekhiv (Radziechów)


On Jewish street in Radekhiv

It was a pleasant experience to be with you on our trip in Galicia, the homeland of our family. We, all the four cousins, have been impressed very much by your kind and nice personality, as well as from your knowledge on the subject of the Jews in the area. We appreciate very much the effort to find a Citizen from the community for helping to locate the house and the farm that was belonged to our Grandfather.

I must mention also the driver that was a good English speaker, kind, and helpful young man.

We were very lucky to have you as our guide, and intend to recommend you to friends and family members.

Thank You very much
From all of us

Ariela Fundaminsky


Bilyi Kamin & Sasiv, Galicia

Tomasz was an excellent guide for the discover your shtetl tour. We visited two villages near Lviv [Bilyi Kamin & Sasiv] that my ancestors left in the early 1900s. He had done research on each town so that when we arrived he had identified specific locations to visit. He was also creative and flexible: when a building in a cemetery was locked, he called and found the caretaker who unlocked it; same with a small local museum. He even found an elderly woman to tell us recollections of the past. I highly recommend Tomasz.

Lee Schaloop

New York, USA


Tour to Bolekhiv & Drohobych

Tomasz paved the way for my trip to eastern Ukraine beginning 6 months ahead. He found family records going back to the mid 19th century and helped decipher the information. His creation of a family tree on MyHeritage.com proved most helpful in understanding the family relationships. He even informed us of relatives in the US that we did not know about! Guiding and interpreting on our van journey to two towns in Galicia will be memorable for the rest of my life. His knowledge of Hebrew and of my family tree resulted in the fortunate serendipity in the Jewish cemetery to know I was standing next to the grave of my great-great grandfather! Lada, his partner, who is a Yiddish expert, assisted in tombstone interpretation.

I heartily recommend this team if you seek your Jewish heritage in this area.

Nina Edelman

Milwaukee, USA

Photos no. 2, 3 & 4 by Bruce Gendelman. Photo no. 1 by Jewish Family Search.

Genealogical Research in the Khmelnytsky Archives

Thank you so much for your help. I have been quite overwhelmed with the information you found for me. Now I have great-great- grandparents! The whole process was conducted with such quiet efficiency and delivered to me in a format which was so clear and simple to understand. I have a friend who is a translator of Russian and he has been amazed at how much of the old script you were able to decipher and read.

Jewish birth record from Russian Empire

Jewish birth record from Kamyanets-Podilsky found during the research

It has been such a pleasure to work with you – I would recommend your services to anyone, in fact to everyone.

Apologies for the delayed response, but my first task has been to share the information with others in the family who are also interested and amazed at the amount of information you managed to obtain.

Thanks again.

Maureen Schiller

Tideswell, UK

Research for a documentary movie

I just returned from the most incredible heritage experience in Poland and Ukraine, with credit to Tomasz Jankowski and Lada Moskalets. Their dedication, thoroughness, dependability, and sheer intelligence is so admirable and makes working with them a joy. I feel so fortunate to have happened to find this organization. The work that they do, digging through the past, is creating new moments of history. I HIGHLY recommend their services.

Rachel Kastner


Genealogical research in Kirovograd

Tomasz Jankowski is thorough, intelligent, and highly experienced.  When involved in a research assignment he is also thoughtful, kind, and patient in answering all queries. I highly recommend his services. VERY HAPPY CLIENT (and Editor in Chief, BOMB Magazine)…

Betsy Sussler


Polonnoe/Zhitomir/Khmelnytsky research

Birth certificate from Polonne civil register

Birth certificate from  the Polonne civil register found during the research, 1891.

I’d be glad to recommend you to anyone seeking a researcher in Ukraine.  My family history, that I’ve discovered so far, is somewhat more “interesting” on my mother’s side, which came from Chudniv during the period 1889-1904, to New York, Boston, and other places.  Chudniv has a book of Jews published 1903, which includes military enlistment, if any, and several generations of family history.  Polonnoe does not have that type of information.  In finding the book of record of births in Polonnoe from 1890-1894, you located several generations of Sandlers and Reismans of whom I had no previous knowledge, including a brother of my grandfather.  Thanks for your work,

                                                                  Dave Sandler