We are a research group helping people discover their family history in Ukraine & Poland. Through archival research and/or personal travel to the country of your ancestors, we believe it is possible to uncover your family’s past. Both efforts will enhance the success of your adventure of discovery.

We are the only one guides and researches of Jewish genealogy who:

  • work in archives in the European Union, as well as former Soviet Union and
  • have professional academic background (Ph. D. in Jewish history),
  • cooperate with academic scholars & local Jewish communities.


Jewish Family Search offers professional assistance in your heritage tours to Galicia. We take care of guiding, interpreting and field research. We will also help you to find the best transportation. Our main focus is Galicia, but we have been also asked to guide in other Eastern European historical lands, such as Podolia and Volhynia.

Specifically, we shall:

  • listen to you requirements,
  • plan an itinerary for you,
  • help you to find the best transportation,
  • provide guiding services including interpretation assistance with local people,
  • undertake relevant archival search related to your family.

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We offer you professional research services utilizing Ukrainian and Polish archives. We specialize in genealogical searches for ancestors: vital records, revision lists, censuses and any other relevant documents, which can be obtained solely through the archives.

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Thanks to Jewish Family Search research, you will:

  • be able to build your family tree,
  • know your family history even since the 18th Century,
  • receive complete documentation,
  • have all documents translated into your language.

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