Thinking of a trip to an Eastern European country? Relax, we will take care of the headaches for you. We will help you to arrange complete tour to Galicia and historical lands of Eastern Europe. Just tell us where you’d like to go and you’ll be there — from the biggest airport to the smallest village.

Why travel with us?

Traveling with big groups can be attractive. Usually so when time is short and you’d like to sightsee a lot of “top tourist places”. However traveling with such traditional group tours has its negative aspects. They operate in a standard manner without necessarily addressing individual needs. The itineraries cover mostly the places seen by thousands of other tourists, allowing no time to discover and visit less well known and off the beaten track places, that may be of personal interest to you. Too much time in the closed space of an air conditioned bus, away from local people and real life.

If its Tuesday, this must be Belgium… but not with us!

How we work?

We are guides and interpreters trained in history to serve you and help you to arrange your heritage tour. We can assist getting you to the places you’d like to visit and reveal its secrets. Depending on your plans and needs we can:

  • help you to find the best transportation service,
  • guide you to the place of your ancestors,
  • serve as interpreters,
  • assist you to find out where your family used to live,

  • help you to arrange accommodations even in the smallest villages,
  • interview the locals, some of whom may remember your family,
  • perform field research.

Our Special Expertise

Travel to a place where no one understands English is a challenge. We are not only fluent in all the Eastern European languages, but we know also how to approach and speak with the local people, whether the subject is booking an accommodation or discovering or inquiring about remembrances related to your family. As we are from a similar background, we know how to open their hearts and bring back their memories.

We speak fluently:
✓ English,             ✓ Ukrainian,
Hebrew,            ✓ Polish,
✓ Yiddish,             ✓ Russian.

There are many people whom we have helped. They always return home richer in memories. We are always glad to share our experiences and knowledge in creating these memories. We specialize in the places connected with the history of  Eastern European Jews. However we are flexible; if you plan simply to sightsee Galicia, Podolia, Volhynia or any other area in Poland, Ukraine or Belarus, we can work with and assist you.

We have transparent price policy to ensure the low prices, we charge for our guiding, interpreting or field research services. The fee for transportation service is charged directly by the cheapest possible transportation company we find for you!

Read our FAQ on our tour assistance in Galicia and Eastern Europe!

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