The model of Lviv in Wrocław

Why should all lovers of Lviv come to… Wrocław? To see an unique model of Lviv from the end of 18th Century, still before Austria captured this part of Poland. The model was created between 1936 and 1946 by Janusz Witwicki. After the war Witwicki wished to take his model with him to Warsaw, but the soviet authorities afraid that it will stimulate Polish sentiments. In 1946 he finally received agreement to leave Soviet Ukraine with his masterpiece. Three days before leaving Witwicki was mordered by NKVD. His wife escaped to Poland in its new borders and kept the model well hidden for until the fall of communism.
After painstaking restoration the model is displayed at the Centennial Hall in Wrocław.
Pictures of Rynek and the Golden Rose synagogue attached.
More information (in Polish) on panoramalwowa.pl.