Heritage tour to Galicia (Przemyśl and Rava-Ruska)

Tomasz and Lada,
You came into my life at a stage when I needed help to research and visit an area in southern Poland and northern Ukraine. Not exactly the center of the world to say the least. I needed to visit the places where my paternal grandfather lived, fought and got killed in WWI well over a hundred years ago. Your expertise made this dream of mine come true. From taking care of all the logistics, to researching the sites and all the way to Lada’s professional and thoughtful guidance. It took me weeks to process all the impressions and images and somehow transfer them into the book I am writing. This was the missing piece of the puzzle for me. I would not have found it without you.

Thank you 

Rachel Korazim

Synagogue in Przemyśl

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September 23, 2023