Video presentation: Love and Money (in Ukrainian)

On November 15, 2015 at the Borys Voznytskiy Lviv National Art Gallery (vul. Stefanyka 3) a lecture by Tomasz Jankowski “Love and Money: the Social Function of Marriage in Historical Perspective” was held. This was the third event of the “Ketubah. Jewish Family Traditions and Traditional Families” lecture program.

Is marriage really a union between just two people? In the past the choice of a marriage partner was influenced firstly by matchmakers, parents, the financial situation of the family, and only lastly by the feelings the young people had for one another. It was also the case that marriage, whether Jewish or Christian, was not only the beginning of a new family. During the lecture, the social role the family in the past were explored along with its transformation during the last two hundred years, when romantic feelings began to play a dominant role. These were the issues Tomasz Jankowski will touch on during his lecture.

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May 7, 2016