Presentation: Jewish Family in Poland in 19th Century

Seattle, beginning of the 20th C.

Seattle at beginning of 20th C.

IAJGS in Seattle is coming soon. Register now to JRI-Poland luncheon with our presentation!

Sunday,   August 7th:  11:45 a.m.-1:15 p.m. in Willow AB
JRI-Poland Luncheon: Jewish Family in Poland in 19th Century. Debunking
Myths with Tomasz Jankowski.

What made a Jewish family Jewish? Was it multigenerational and patriarchal?
Could studying Torah help in arranging a good marriage? How “typical” was
your own family?

This talk will help you to place your own family’s history in a broader
context of social and economic changes in Poland over the last two hundred
years. Special attention will be paid to distinguishing the common
characteristics of the Jewish family in the past.

(This luncheon will be 100 percent kosher, and will cost $44, as a result
of an anonymous donation to help underwrite the cost of the kosher
luncheon. If you are registered for the Conference and have not already
registered for the luncheon, the deadline to do so is July 10.)

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July 7, 2016