Why do I need a private guide?

There is a big difference between visiting a place and getting to know a place. Jewish Family Search team will not just be your guide or interpret as we assist you in your place of interest; we’ll also introduce you to local people and the local history.

In what areas of Europe is Jewish Family Search active?

Most of our customers have been interested in hiring a guide in Galicia (Ukrainian and Polish part), Podolia and Volhynia; however our guiding services are available also for other nearby areas, including Belarus.

Can you arrange a convenient transportation?

We closely cooperate with local transportation companies. We will help you to find the best transportation company to take you to your place. We do not charge for transportation services, selected transportation company does.

Can you help me to visit the town of my ancestors?

If you still don’t know where it is we will do the research for you and find it! Then we’ll take you there.

What is the cost of your assistance?

We always try to keep our prices as low as possible. Our fee for a day of tour assistance is 200 USD. This price does not include transportation and accommodation, if required. We have transparent policy of separating our own fees for guiding from transportation fees charged directly by the companies with which we cooperate.

Payment. How?

Usually we accept full payment during our first meeting after your arrival or in advance. Sometimes, depending on your requests and our budget plan for your trip, we may ask you for a partial down payment before your arrival.

We accept following forms of payment:

  • credit card (through PayPal services),
  • PayPal,
  • wire transfer (SWIFT, SEPA).

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