Heritage tour to Białystok and Tykocin

We write to thank you both for the truly wonderful trip you took us on in our effort to find the burial place of family members in the Białystok Jewish cemetery.

Everything was beautifully organized from A to Z, including help in planning the route and dealing ahead of time with a bureaucratic problem that arose with local authorities.  The vehicle you provided was roomy and comfortable and the driver highly professional.

As professors of Jewish history, both Rachel and I deeply appreciated your expertise.  It is rare to have as guides two genuine scholars with a deep knowledge not just of what is being seen but its broader context, too.  It enriched our experience a very great deal.

What impressed us most, however, was your preparation ahead of time.  You had not only found evidence of where the grave might be found in the huge cemetery, but even managed to identify the right plot on the ground though it was completely unmarked.   

Beyond even that – and in truly miraculous fashion – once we arrived, you actually managed to locate the very matzevah we sought though it was lying flat, covered in weeds and moss. 

Together, we uncovered and cleaned the stone and then deciphered what it said.  It was an unforgettably moving moment that will stay with us all our lives.

We are extremely grateful to you both and would be delighted to recommend you very warmly to anyone interested in making such a trip.

Adam Teller and Rachel Rojanski
Brown University
Providence, RI

Tour to the Jewish cemetery in Bialystok

Heritage tour to Radomsko and Białystok

Thank you so much for everything the past few days! I had always wanted to get to see where our family had come from in Poland, but never imagined we would be able to see such specific places and with so much background information/historic pictures. So thank you so much for making that happen. Thank you too for your flexibility and patience after what had been an incredibly hard week for us participating in the March of the Living. 

Jessica Y. from Colorado

Heritage tour to Galicia (Przemyśl and Rava-Ruska)

Tomasz and Lada,
You came into my life at a stage when I needed help to research and visit an area in southern Poland and northern Ukraine. Not exactly the center of the world to say the least. I needed to visit the places where my paternal grandfather lived, fought and got killed in WWI well over a hundred years ago. Your expertise made this dream of mine come true. From taking care of all the logistics, to researching the sites and all the way to Lada’s professional and thoughtful guidance. It took me weeks to process all the impressions and images and somehow transfer them into the book I am writing. This was the missing piece of the puzzle for me. I would not have found it without you.

Thank you 

Rachel Korazim

Synagogue in Przemyśl