Polonnoe/Zhitomir/Khmelnytsky research

Birth certificate from Polonne civil register

Birth certificate from  the Polonne civil register found during the research, 1891.

I’d be glad to recommend you to anyone seeking a researcher in Ukraine.  My family history, that I’ve discovered so far, is somewhat more “interesting” on my mother’s side, which came from Chudniv during the period 1889-1904, to New York, Boston, and other places.  Chudniv has a book of Jews published 1903, which includes military enlistment, if any, and several generations of family history.  Polonnoe does not have that type of information.  In finding the book of record of births in Polonnoe from 1890-1894, you located several generations of Sandlers and Reismans of whom I had no previous knowledge, including a brother of my grandfather.  Thanks for your work,

                                                                  Dave Sandler


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May 29, 2014